Mitch's Seafood Barbecue Tips

Mitch's Seafood Barbecue Tips

Seafood is perfect for outside dining, especially if you are near the coast. There's nothing like breathing in fresh sea air with a plateful of seafood in front of you.

If you're planning a barbecue for the upcoming bank holiday weekend, monkfish, sea bass, scallops, squid, cuttlefish and lobster tails are all fabulous cooked over charcoal.



Here are Mitch's top tips for cooking seafood on the barbecue:

  • For best results marinate the fish in a little olive oil and lemon juice for thirty minutes before cooking
  • Season with salt and give the fish a light sprinkling of breadcrumbs, not to coat it, just a sprinkle
  • Make sure the flames have died down and you have white coals, then set the fish about eight inches above the heat and just let it do its thing
  • Cooking time depends on the fish but when you see the opaque flesh turn white then it's done
  • A table of colourful salads is all you need and your in for the perfect lunch


      Image of monkfish tail grilling on a barbecue
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