Our Story

Our Story

In 2010, we opened Rockfish in Dartmouth for the first time. We think that seafood tastes best by the sea, and that the fish caught in the waters off the south coast of Britain is the best in the world. Yet at that time, if you drove to any of the south coast fishing ports, it was hard to find a family restaurant doing justice to this great seafood. We wanted to change that, to make it easy for people to enjoy this simple pleasure.

Since that first restaurant in Dartmouth, we have opened a few more restaurants in seaside towns where fishing is part of daily life. The thinking remains the same: buy the best seafood and cook it simply and expertly. 

Fresh seafood and happiness. All by the sea.

We hope to see you soon.




We believe that the seafood from the south coast of England is the best in the world: that’s why we call this Britain’s Seafood Coast. The catch is so diverse, with over 30 species landed each day. The quality is second to none: our local fishermen handle the catch skilfully to ensure it reaches the shore in the best condition possible. You just have to visit the daily fish markets in Brixham and Plymouth to believe it. It is a wonderful sight.

Serving sustainable seafood is important to us at Rockfish. We have been recognised for the care we take with a 2 star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Our cod & haddock is also MSC Certified.

We won’t serve endangered species and we work with the fishermen to understand the constantly changing challenges of our fisheries here on the South Coast.

Our cod and haddock comes from Norway. As a nation we love these fish - the British are the biggest consumers of them in the world. But they are not abundant in the waters off the south coast. We get ours from Norway, where the fish stocks are the healthiest on the planet and are managed carefully to ensure they stay that way. The quality is second to none and for us it makes perfect sense to work closely with one or two boats fishing this area.