The 21st Century Fishmonger

The 21st Century Fishmonger

When I opened my first fishmongers in Bath in 1996, my aim was to do fish better. Back then journalists described it as the 20th Century fishmonger. I am delighted that 25 years later I'm able to bring the thing that I love most of all, selling seafood, into today’s world to meet today’s challenges, so we can all continue to enjoy fresh fish.

 Mitch Tonks at the counter of his first fishmonger in 1996

Waste less, Catch less

One of the biggest challenges to fishing and fish stocks, is wastage. Seafood is bought and sold on a speculative basis and then it sits on a counter until someone wants it. Time eats away at the quality day-by-day before it is either eaten, or wasted. When we launched, our aim was to change this with a zero waste fishmonger service. 

So how do we do it?

We based the business right on the quayside in Brixham, just metres from where the boats land some of the best seafood in the world.  The fish gets prepared and packed on the day, and uploaded to our online market for you to buy at 6am. We also send that fish to our restaurants every morning, in time for lunch service.

By 2pm when all the fresh orders are dispatched if there is any left over we blast freeze it on the day, on the quayside. Then it is ready for when you need or want a specific specie, or for when the elements beat the fleet and fresh fish can't be landed.


Nothing gets wasted 

With 10 restaurants serving over 450,000 people with delicious seafood every year, a fishing boat, a quayside base and 25 years' experience in our business we are the only people who are able to do this. 

That's why we call it the 21st Century Fishmonger - delicious, sustainable seafood, made easy, with zero waste.

The service has gone down a storm, people are joining day-by-day and we have received some fantastic press and customer comments. If you have bought fish from us thanks for doing so, we love serving you. If you haven’t yet, we look forward to welcoming you on board.

Mitch Tonks 



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