Brixham Pollack with parsley, caper and egg sauce

Brixham Pollack with parsley, caper and egg sauce

This is a good old fashioned recipe that my nan used to cook for me although I’m not sure whether she ever used Pollock.  This dish works with any white fleshed fish so make use of whiting, haddock, even smoked haddock, gurnard and some of the other species that we are starting to see become more available. Everyone I’ve cooked this dish for absolutely loves it, it is pure comfort food and ideal for those who think they don’t like fish. 


800 g / 1 lb 12 oz Pollack fillet, skinned
400 ml / 12 fl oz milk
50 g / 2 oz butter
1 onion, finely sliced
2.5 tbsps flour
Good handful of chopped parsley
1 tbsp finely chopped capers
1 tsp English mustard
2 hard boiled eggs
Salt and pepper


Poach the pollack fillets in the milk very gently for 6-7 minutes then remove from the heat.


Soften the onions in the butter until soft and translucent, add the flour and cook for a minute or two.  Slowly pour on the milk until you have a sauce of double cream consistency.  Add the parsley, capers and flake in the fish.


Peel and slice the boiled eggs, add them to the sauce, season with salt and black pepper and serve with creamy mashed potato and peas or broad beans.


A nice little twist on this is to add a few bits of bacon.