Sustainable from start to finish

Sustainable from start to finish

We want you to enjoy Britain’s delicious seafood, not just for today but well into the future too.

We work closely with fishermen that are laying the foundations for the future. They are people who stay close to the science, know their environment and use their ingenuity to tackle the numerous challenges in front of them to maintain healthy fisheries, regenerative marine environments and thriving coastal communities.

They are the people at the forefront of the sustainability issues that affect our oceans. We take their lead in ensuring that everything we do at Rockfish mirrors the very same best practices, so you can be sure that the choices you make are the right ones when buying fish from the fishermen we work with. We are committed to creating sustainable fisheries, which requires ongoing work and commitment from fishermen, scientists, and us as consumers.

Mitch is an ambassador for the MSC in the UK and is helping to identify better ways of working in our industry from sourcing to packaging. At Rockfish we are proud to be part of that commitment to a sustainable seafood movement, which you become part of when enjoying seafood at home. 

Everything we do at the Online Seafood Market has sustainability in mind and we're constantly working out the best ways to get fresh, sustainable seafood to you without a heavy footprint.