Mitch's Tinned Fish Flatbread Recipes

Mitch's Tinned Seafood Flatbreads

"I had the lovely experience of visiting the Pizza Pilgrims training school earlier this year and I couldn’t believe how they handled the dough and how good everything tasted. I just kept thinking about what I could do in a pizza oven with dough and seafood. I am so into tinned fish recently that I thought I would use it on little flatbreads as snacks. They are absolutely delicious and so easy to do, it's great fun standing around pulling them out of the oven as they are ready.

You can make your own dough if you want to, but the joy of these flatbreads is the speed and simplicity. You can buy wonderful fresh or frozen pizza dough in most supermarkets which works wonderfully for this. Make sure you follow the instructions to defrost the dough and then you’re ready to go.

These flatbreads are designed to be small and shared as a snack, so break off a small ball of dough about golf ball sized and then stretch it out into an oval around the size of your hand. Then all you need to do is add on the ingredients and put into a very very hot oven, or ideally a pizza oven for just a few seconds until the dough is just beginning to char. Once they are cooked, take them out, add a drizzle of oil, cut into pieces and eat immediately."



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Here are some of our favourite toppings, incorporating our delicious and sustainable tinned fish range, but we’re sure there are plenty more wonderful combinations you could try:

Rockfish Chilli Sardine Flatbreads

Rockfish Tuna & Chilli Flatbreads

Rockfish Singapore Chilli Crab Flatbreads


See how to make the flatbreads and browse Mitch's seafood recipes > 


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