ALTERING COURSE The Covid Chronicles

ALTERING COURSE The Covid Chronicles

Altering Course – The Covid Chronicles 
John Barnes &  Laura Cowan
All proceeds to Mind £10

We highly recommend this book with all proceeds going to Mind Charity UK (Harrogate). A book for the 'no normal' not the 'new normal'. A great read. 

Altering Course is a collection of personal stories and insights that the authors have collected, surprising reinventions, changed perspectives and altered directions and about how they faced those challenges. 

There are stories in here from the world of sailing, volunteering, music, film directing, cycling, wineries, hospitality and more. 

Most of the contents are positive transformation stories, some very subtle evolutions but still moving the trajectory enough to impact the ‘what lies ahead’; you’ll also find some cock-ups, some stories where the outcome wasn’t totally foreseen, the changed course offering some surprising results. 

“Altering Course is a book that pulls off a clever trick. It reads as an entertaining and informative chronicle of how so many different groups and individuals across our communities dealt with the extraordinary challenges of the past year. But in doing so it also gives the reader the chance to reflect for themselves - and learn lessons of invention, resilience and commitment that will relate just as much to how we all tackle the future as remember the past."

Tim Hollingsworth, CEO, Sport England

“Telling the stories of how people responded to the extraordinary challenges of Covid, this absorbing and entertaining book is a treasure trove of inspiration. It shows just how creative we can be when we put our minds to it”

Henry Dimbleby, MBE

“The thing that stands out in many of these stories for me is the strength in creative thinking and working through problems. With a backdrop of constant change and uncertainty it is that very human trait that gives us more mental strength as individuals and in our communities and businesses to cope with the knocks that life throws at us. It seems fitting that this book supports our mental health charity, Mind, and, I hope, gives you multiple reasons to pick up a copy for yourself”.

Tina Chamberlain, Mind in Harrogate district, Mind UK

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