Experience the magic in the tin

Experience the magic in the tin

I've recently enjoyed time in Galicia with my friends at the cannery who prepare the fish for our tinned range. It’s mesmerising to watch the women of the community in Cambados skillfully prepare and cook the fish and lay it in the tins by hand, it really is a wonderful craft. I loved seeing the process from the fish being caught and packed in Brixham right through to this final stage. 
In August the Spanish catch MSC certified Bonito tuna off the North coast with pole and line, one hook, one fish. Last year I bought some of these fish and had the cannery prepare them from fresh. There is some kind of magic that happens in the tin and over time the fish gets better and better. I taste the tuna every week and have been blown away by how it is now tasting. Because the fish were prepared from fresh (99% of canned tuna is from frozen fish) you can taste the natural saltiness, the meat is a light pink, almost white and the proteins are now mixing with the oil, giving it a wonderful milky texture, it's quite extraordinary. 

A few chopped red onions, some capers and mayonnaise is all you need to make the best of it, or try it with our specially created tinned fish relish made with crunchy gherkins and fresh dill.

Absolute freshness, delicious seafood, zero waste. I hope you enjoy the tuna, and our 21st Century Fishmonger.


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