The summer of British fish

The summer of British fish


You might have seen in the press that we've made an announcement that this summer at Rockfish we're going to be celebrating British fish, and will take a break from selling cod. 


“We know that in parts of Britain, fish and chips means cod and chips. At the moment because of global supply issues resulting in significant cost implications for our customers, we have sat down as a team and made the decision to make this the summer of British fish. This is a brilliant time for British fishing and now is our chance to celebrate lesser consumed but excellent British fish such as Hake (in abundance currently and MSC certified), plaice, gurnard and MSC Haddock."



Taking a break from cod

A few months ago, as part of our ongoing mission to find the world's most sustainable seafood we started looking at cod, because we knew that global supply issues meant that prices were rising, with no sign of stopping.

We have always bought the highest quality MSC certified cod, however these supply chain pressures are making things incredibly difficult and we don't want to make cod an uneconomical choice for our customers. 

We've decided that from mid July we're going to take a break from cod until supplies return to a more manageable rate and instead continue to celebrate the fabulous bounty we have in British waters.


Great British fish 

We love British fish and our restaurant menus feature daily landings of local species such as crab, lobster, scallops, turbot and Dover sole as well as traditional fish and chips showcasing hake and haddock. 

That means that whenever you visit us, you'll be sure to find a fish you know and love, as well as some species you might not be familiar with. 


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