Our range of frozen portioned seafood

Frozen fresh sustainable fish

Frozen at its best

There are times of the year when certain fish are in abundance and at their best. Rather than let this precious seafood pass us by, we buy it and flash freeze it at the quayside. This means that even if there's a force 8 gale and the boats can't go out, we still have wonderful South West seafood in stock for you to order and enjoy.

Fresh as the day it's landed

If you order from our frozen section. we'll pack your seafood surrounded by insulation and ice packs. The fish will gently defrost as it travels to you. so it arrives as fresh as the day it was landed. It shouldn't be refrozen, so simply put it in the fridge and enjoy it within the next 2-3 days.


It's not just fish we provide, it’s unsurpassed expertise. When you order our chef-prepared seafood – filleted, portioned and ready to cook – you can also order from our range of chef-recommended sauces, butters and seasonal sides. You’ll have everything you need to create dishes to remember.