Frozen Craster Kippers

Frozen Craster Kippers

These legendary Craster Kippers are smoked by L.Robson & Sons, a traditional smokehouse based in the small Northumberland village of Craster. 

Only the plumpest Herring, with the correct oil content, are used to produce these much loved Kippers. They are then split, placed into a brine solution and hung in the 130 year old smokehouse where they smoulder away for 16 hours. 

These quality Kippers truly deserve their reputation of being the finest in Britain, and are wonderful with our kedgeree butter. 

All the fish in our frozen section was caught at its best and flash frozen at the quayside. It will gently defrost on its way to you and arrive as fresh as the day it was landed. When it arrives at your home simply put it in the fridge and enjoy it within the next 2-3 days as you would with our fresh fish or put in straight into the freezer to enjoy another day.


Portion Size:
Min 225g
Skin on:
Can I freeze it?
Latin name:
Clupea harengus Linnaeus
May contain:
Salt, Water, Smoke

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