Children's Menu

There is nothing better than fresh fish, and fresh fish is what we do best. At the Brixham quayside, sustainable, south-west seafood is landed throughout the day as the boats come in. Our team select the very best as it lands and it travels just metres to our quayside hub to be prepared, portioned and packed. We update our online seafood market 24 hours a day as the freshest fish is landed and prepared. If you can’t see a certain type of seafood in our market, then it’s probably still in the sea.


Our team of skilled filleters take all the guess work out of your order – so you don’t need to worry if you ’re not sure how many grams of gurnard to buy, or how big a brill is. We sell our fish by the portion, and every portion is perfectly designed for 1 adult (we have children’ s portions too) so you know just how much fish you ’re getting, and how many people it will serve.