Weymouth 51 Oyster Drizzle

On our quest to serve the best to our restaurants, we've been lucky enough to come across some incredible artisan suppliers across the UK. When you find the best, there's simply no need to recreate it, which is why we now serve and sell this Oyster Drizzle made by Weymouth 51.

David grows an incredible range of chillies from seed in the South West and ferments them in small batches to create this artisanal kimchi style sauce with a chilli hit and zesty finish. When combined with the additional salt and creaminess of an Oyster, you have a flavour bomb that can't be rivalled.

Small batch, vegan, naturally fermented, preservative free.


Jar Size:
Chilli 50%, Horseradish 10%, Onion, Garlic, Spring Water, Lemon Juice 5%, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Stabiliser Xantham Gum
Shelf Life:
Minimum 6 months