Mevalco Picante Gordal Olives

Mevalco has partnered with Maestros Aceituneros for good reason! This
company is not only a great producer of table olives, the team also has a
passion for looking after the growers of the raw product and only use delicious,
traditional, local recipes. The attention to detail is superb.
These huge, juicy gordal olives from Seville with cayenne chilli pepper have a real meaty texture.



Jar Size:
Net weight: 350g | Drained weight: 185g
Green Olives variety: gordal (stone in), water, salt, cayenne pepper, flavour enhancers (E-621 and E-635), acidulants (E-330 and E-270),antioxidant (E-300).
Shelf Life:
3 Years from production date